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Department of Commerce has announced its final determinations on antidumping investigation of import of OCTG from Ukraine

On July 11, 2014, the Department of Commerce of the USA has announced the final determinations in the antidumping duty investigations of import of certain OCTG from 9 countries including Ukraine.

The U.S. Department of Commerce has assessed a final margin of 6.73% on certain OCTG imports from Ukraine.

The U.S. Department of Commerce has simultaneously announced the commencement of a suspension agreement with Interpipe, suspending the duty deposit requirements until July 2017.

In accordance with the agreement no antidumping cash deposits will be required and no antidumping duties will be collected.  Department of Commerce will define minimum prices for OCTG of Interpipe to be sold on the U.S. market.

In light of the determinations, Interpipe will continue to supply OCTG to the U.S. market under the guidelines of the agreement.  North American Interpipe will continue to service its customer base as they continue to purchase tubular goods produced by Interpipe mills in Ukraine.

Fadi Hraibi, CCO of Interpipe comments: ‘Interpipe has achieved an outcome of the antidumping investigation. It is a result of work of Interpipe team and a good team of legal consult.  Interpipe has been supplying pipe products since 2001 and we have firm and good relationships with our customers and partners. We are looking forward to supplying quality OCTG and line pipe to the USA and strengthening long term partnership with our existing and new customers.’

Isaac Villarreal, Vice President of Sales comments: ‘Our Company outstandingly cooperated with the U.S. authorities, and we have reached an important milestone in the antidumping investigation. North American Interpipe will continue to be a reliable partner to our customers and vendors in the USA, and to supply high quality seamless pipe products in the whole American Continent.’


Interpipe is a vertically integrated steel pipe and railway wheel company. Interpipe is one of the world’s ten largest producers of steel pipe products, and key player in railway wheels industry. The company’s products are supplied to more than 80 countries all over the world through a chain of commercial offices located in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Europe, the USA and the Middle East.

In 2013 the company’s mills produced about 1.2 mln tons of pipe and wheel products.

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