INTERPIPE NTRP specialty is the production of wheels, tires, axles and wheelsets for freight, passenger and locomotive railway transport.

Product portfolio:
  • Forged wheels for locomotives, passenger carriages, and freight cars of 650 - 1269 mm diameter
  • Forged wheels for underground trains of 650 - 1269 mm diameter
  • Tires for railway wheel of 690-1260 mm diameter
  • Railway axles of 173-203,2 mm diameter and 2180-2266,95 mm length
  • Railway wheelsets
Company’s production facilities include the following:
  • Floors for production, machining, non-destructive testing, and finishing of wheels, tires and axles
  • Wheel-rolling floor (diameters from 700  to 1262 mm)
  • Ring and tire floor (diameters from 650 to 1250 mm)
  • Wheelsets assembling site