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INTERPIPE NTRP opens new production facilities

INTERPIPE NTRP transforms a number of its personnel service premises and improves labor conditions. After the capital repairs the Company has opened 5 new production premises at the Tube-rolling shop No 4. More than 35 employees start making themselves at home at the new facilities.

These new production premises – “bureaus” – represent individual buildings inside the production shop, hosting work places of foremen, dispatch operators, and shift supervisors, as well as rooms for briefings with shop employees. At present they are very comfortable, well-lighted, neat, and quiet, and they always have comfortable temperature conditions due to operating air conditioners and convector heaters.

The complete overhaul has been made at these new bureaus, including interior and exterior paneling of walls, complete wiring replacement, and installation of air conditioning and sound-proofing systems. All internal premises have been equipped with new furniture, hardware, and machinery and divided into several working zones. New large metal-plastic windows have been installed at the bureaus, enabling the control over the production flow directly from the premises.

“INTERPIPE NTRP is one of the largest production facilities in our city, with a huge number of employees and enormous production areas. Despite the scale and complexity of the task we steadily, step by step, introduce new production culture standards, - INTERPIPE NTRP Executive Manager Vladimir Ovchinnikov has commented. – Our principal objective is to make work places at the mill as comfortable as possible, since this comfort exerts direct influence upon the employees’ loyalty and labor efficiency”.

Changes and innovations at INTERPIPE NTRP are in full swing now. In the nearest future the Tube-rolling shop No 4 intends to carry out the repairs of lavatories, operating consoles, and other bureaus. Similar works will be also conducted at the Tube-rolling shop No 5, including the capital repairs at the end of this year.

INTERPIPE NTRP specialty is the production of seamless pipes for extraction and transportation of the oil and gas industry products, special application pipes for mechanical engineering and power industry, and general application pipes, used in other industries, as well as wheels and tires for railway transport.
INTERPIPE NTRP is one of the largest employers in the city of Dnipropetrovsk. Approximately 5400 employees work at the mill at present.  
The enterprise is currently implementing an extensive step-by-step transformation program, including the modernization of production facilities, enhancement of the production culture standards, and staff development. Employees have been already provided with new working clothes. The Company has completely fine-tuned the working clothes’ dry cleaning system and opened renovated personal service rooms for women at the Wheel-rolling shop and the Tube-rolling shop No 4.
Modernization of working bureaus at INTERPIPE NTRP Tube-rolling shop No 4 in figures:
  • 1 million 309 thousand hryvnya – project implementation costs;
  • More than 25 work places; 
  • 4 briefing rooms for shop employees.

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