In 2014 INTERPIPE NTRP History Museum celebrates its 45th anniversary and in 1971 it was awarded with the title of the People’s Museum of Ukraine. Over all these years it has seen dozens of thousands of war and labor veterans, workshop employees and production facilities’ novices, labor union activists, students of the National Metallurgy Academy of Ukraine and the National Mining University, students of Vocational School No 2, colleges, and secondary schools of the district and city, and partners and guests of the production facility from all corners of the world.
The Museum has the magnificent and extensive stock of the high historical value, exceeding 57400 exhibits, 230 of which are a part of the Museum holdings of Ukraine. Each of them represents a part of history of the mill and the Company and of generations of their employees.         
Reproducing the abundant history of several generations of mill’s employees, the Museum is a live and original chronicle of the mill’s establishment and development, formation of the highly professional and promising collective, and strengthening of the facility’s image at the national and international markets. 
Starting from the foyer, all this information is presented at light panels and banners, an exhibition stand with samples of pipes and wheels certified according to international standards, numerous souvenirs and awards, presented to the staff of shops and the mill. On the occasion of INTERPIPE NTRP 120th anniversary the mill has created a photo gallery of managers, called “Art of management – history in persons”.
Huge interest of the guests is also attracted by the fully-operating model of 5"12 Pilger mill from one of the largest European tube-rolling shops – shop No 4, awarded with the first prize at the international exhibition in Hungary. The Museum’s foyer also shows schematic maps of INTERPIPE Company’s vertically integrated structure. The Company itself is a member of the TOP 10 list of world’s largest pipe producers and the third world’s largest producer of railway wheels, having sales offices and consumers at virtually all continents.
The Museum has several exhibition halls, including:
  • 1891 – 1925 period hall, featuring valuable exhibits and antiquities of employees of the nail factory, founded by German businessman B. Gantke. The coloring and flavors of that epoch are vividly and breathtakingly reproduced by collection postcards, ancient printed editions, everyday life items and personal belongings, and original large-format photographs of nail factory employees, which are in the list of rarities at the Museum holdings of Ukraine.
  • End of 20-30-s period hall, containing expositions, reflecting inspiration and persistence of the next generation of mill’s employees, who under the conditions of devastation, hunger, and hard manual labor built a number of industrial giants – the open-hearth shop, the largest Soviet pipe shop and the first Soviet wheel-rolling shop – powerful complexes, working for the country’s defense industry.      
  • Military Glory hall, where visitors meet with Memory Sentries, who are on the watch of decorations, awards, weaponry, documents, letters, photographs, and personal items of the war period. Starting from the first war days the enterprise was re-oriented into the production of military items and then was evacuated to the Urals. The atmosphere of those heroic years is visually amplified by the exhibition of the World War II weaponry, found at the Dnipropetrovsk region battle fields.
  • Mill’s post-war revitalization and development hall, keeping memories on the feat of labor of the post-war generation of people. The post-war hall revitalizes the large-scale model of the open-hearth shop, which had continuously provided metal to the pipe and wheel-rolling production facilities for more than 80 years. Now, when the open-hearth production has been replaced by the electric steel-melting facility, mill’s employees arrange the “Hot shop museum”, featuring information on production shops, which have already become a thing of the past, including the open-hearth and steel shaped casting ones and the maintenance and mechanical shop.
  • 50-80-s period hall, devoted to foremost crews and leaders of those times – metallurgists with Honored and Honorary ranks, order-bearers and State prize winners, Honored inventors and innovators.
  • Independent Ukraine period hall, devoted to the recent times leaders – Hero of Socialist Labor and Hero of Ukraine A.I. Kozlovsky and Honored Metallurgist of Ukraine G.A. Yesaulov, who have personally written quite a few breathtaking pages of the mill’s history. This hall also features a number of international awards, received by the mill’s staff at exhibitions in many countries.
At present every symbolic event and every important stage in the development of INTERPIPE Company and the mill find their embodiment in new expositions of the mill’s Museum contemporary hall.        
3 Stoletov Street, city of Dnipropetrovsk
Phone: +38 (0562) 35-96-27.