“Metallurgist” Palace of Culture

The Palace of Culture opened its hospitable doors for the first time in autumn 1978.

Today INTERPIPE NTRP “Metallurgist” Palace of Culture is one of the largest cultural leaders in the city and region of Dnipropetrovsk.    
For more than three decades this facility has been and still remains the center of folk and popular art development and the major theater and concert hall at the left bank of the Dnipropetrovsk city. Over this year the Palace has more than surprised and won the hearts of spectators and fans with its bright and breathtaking performances, concerts, and shows and original and unique art projects.
Success of the Palace’s art activities is quite natural and logical, since it unites a team of like-minded persons, professionals, creative and gifted people, who managed to preserve the best traditions of the national culture.
“The future of your child starts today!” – this is the slogan, used for their activities by all art groups and collectives at the “Metallurgist” Palace of Culture.
Managers and leaders of amateur talent activities’ groups are very proactive and use a number of innovative forms and techniques of personality development for every child they work with, helping them to reveal their natural talents, to feel at ease, and to learn how to be self-confident in any situations.
The professionalism and expertise of art leaders grow year after year, which is proved by the high ranks of these amateur collectives – “Master” or “People’s”. All art groups of the Palace of Culture take part in prestigious festivals and contests and are honored with the highest titles and awards, including:
  • Master folk dance ensemble “Happy childhood”;
  • People’s jazz ballet “Antares”;
  • Master contemporary choreography ensemble “Iskorka”;
  • Master vocal and choreography ensemble “Zhayvir”;
  • People’s choir “Podvig”.
INTERPIPE NTRP “Metallurgist” Palace of Culture
27-K Kosior Street, city of Dnipropetrovsk
Phone: +380 (562) 35-20-64.