“Pearl” recreation center

“Pearl” recreation center is located at the pine forest of the Peschanka riverside in Novomoskovsk district.   The air in the neighborhood of this facility, rich with phytoncides, acts quite favorably on the respiratory system. Institution’s remoteness from industrial and production facilities ensures a great opportunity for comprehensive recreation and health recovery.

“Pearl” recreation facility has a two-storied heated building, allowing guests and vacationers to stay there for the whole year round. The center’s territory also hosts a number of smaller buildings with different accommodation conditions and cottages with terraces. There are two-, three-, and four-bed rooms with showers and lavatories, as well as “standard”-type rooms with shared lavatories, showers, and hygiene facilities.

The facility has two children’s playgrounds and a special children’s playroom. All guests have the possibility not only to swim and sunbathe, but also to rent watersports equipment and floating crafts.

The center’s territory also has a cafeteria with a year-round operation, a dining room for 240 people and a banquet room for 40 persons. Subject to prior orders, all vacationers can get individual meals and Lux-class catering, including diet and children’s meals.

The following is also at service of “Pearl” recreation facility’s guests:
  • Pavilions with barbecue grills;
  • Summer café;
  • Library; and
  • Wi-Fi.
“Pearl” recreation center 
36 Chkalov Street, Peschanka settlement, Novomoskovsk district.
Phone: (056) 373-49-05, (0562) 35-84-12.